My Journey

In Between Lost and Beginnings

I woke up feeling like I needed to reach out to someone specific, so I did, but it came with a sense of relief and complete dread at what their response may be and even wondering if they would respond at all. Over the past few weeks, I have learned to follow my intuition, however scary the path forward seems.

People can pop into your mind at the most random times. Sometimes, it feels like there is an underlying reason, whether with you or the universe telling you there is something you need to work on with that person. It can be challenging to listen to your inner voice, which can contradict the how-tos of the world. I am choosing to go with whatever feeling comes to me today.

I’m traveling into the center of Athens today for a workshop on jewelry making. It will be the first time I am going to the city since I arrived in Greece a couple of weeks ago. It will be a nice change of pace. I am also curious about how the city will feel without all the tourists. I have seen videos online of a barren city, which is horrible for the economy. Still, I’m excited to experience a side of Athens that won’t be seen again anytime time soon.

I’ve been looking at old pictures of Greece online and thinking about how it must have been years before. I’ve always loved markets and wish I could have seen the agora of Athens in its prime. It must have been quite the melting pot when Athens had much more power in the world than it does today. Walking around Athens today, there is always a presence of the old and the new merging into the now. The Parthenon is forever a reminder of the traditions that hold the city together, but Athens is evolving, and I hope to see it flourish once again.