My Journey

In Between Fright and Misdirection

I woke up again today, and the bats were back. They may have put an official damper on my morning meditation and yoga routine. It never fails that life throws you a curveball when you least expect it. Progress is usually one step forward and two steps back. I need to keep on going, and eventually, I’ll be closer to my goal.

As I consider what to write my post about today, and at this point in my project, I have a longer list of topics I don’t want to write about than an acknowledgment about what I want to share. I think this is a natural reaction to having shared as much as I have so far. At some point, we begin to feel exposed and completely vulnerable. Our survival instincts kick in to ensure we are safe once we reach our destination or change paths to a safer one.

While I have tried to keep my posts on the lighter side, it’s still a bit scary to share and hear how it’s being received. It has made me a little anxious at this point to talk to my friends because I don’t want my day-to-day conversations to change over the fear that they will make it into my daily posts, but I guess that is to be expected. It’s funny because, with some, they have outright said to me, “Let’s chat again in September,” and others are avoiding the topic. I love them all regardless of their reactions while working on my project, but I’m grateful for the ones that keep reminding me of stories I had long forgotten.

I recommend that everyone reach out to friends they talk to all the time and ask them random questions like “What is your funniest memory of us?” or “Tell me about a time when we got into trouble.” It actually triggers memories and conversations that are rather amusing. Sometimes it’s nice to reminisce with people who were there with us. It can help us fill the gaps in our memories and remind us of the friends who were with us as we traversed the decades and our dramas.