My Journey

In Between Beginnings and Learning

I woke up today thinking about where I am going. This project has been eye-opening, and I feel today is the start of something new, though I don’t know what will become of it. There are times in our lives where we hit the reset button, and something that was is no more. Today, I feel like a different person, though I also feel like I have been the same person for as long as I can remember. Often the beginning of something new can be messy, but the journey will get you to a destination that hopefully becomes clearer as you go.

Today, I will be traveling to the island of Aegina. I can see the island from my window, even as I type, but it was always a question mark in the distance. I traveled there when I was younger, but I don’t remember anything about it. It will be nice to get out on the water and away from the city. Even though I have been in Athens, my days have been relatively routine, so this will be a departure from my regular programming. As with all trips, I have to plan what to take with me on the long day trip. It’s always a little scary to think that you don’t know what is out there, or what you will be able to find if needed. With most Greek islands, they have all the necessary amenities. I think my worry comes from the years of traveling unprepared with my family to islands and realizing some were less prepared for tourists than others. Hopefully, it will be a fun day. Since I have to get to the Ferry so early, this post will be short. Wish me luck!