My Journey

In Between Calm and Close

This project has been a trip, literally and figuratively. Over the past few weeks, I have enjoyed being half-naked in the heat, even if I had to work most of the day while the sun was out. I wish we were afforded the ability to work abroad for longer periods without dealing with all the tax implications. I find myself more productive in new environments. It energizes me to get my work done, so I can go out and enjoy the activities of the day. 

I have been dreading the end of this project. In general, I don’t like things to end when I enjoy them, which is a trait that has brought me more pain than pleasure in the past. What I do realize is that after focusing on me and my mental health, for at least a couple hours every day has helped me find some balance and peace with who I am at my core. It’s taken me a long time to feel secure in my own skin, and I won’t take that for granted as I move forward with the next chapter in my journey.

It’s the last full day with my friend. We had an adventure. We woke up before sunrise and walked to Agios Nikolaos Kavouriou, a small chapel on the edge of the rocks at the Vouliagmeni Bay. It was something I had been planning since before I arrived in Greece this year but never got a chance to go before today. We made it just in time to see the sunrise over the hill in the distance, illuminating the water and us as the day began. 

We both found our spot in the area to be present in the moment. I put my camera down for a while to take in some consider some thoughts I had been suppressing for the past couple weeks. I started to cry for a moment, and as a tear ran down my face, I wiped it away and bottled it back up again. I’m still on my journey, and I haven’t dealt with everything I have been through yet, but I am hopeful I will allow it to happen, and not feel ashamed for having feelings and being affected by the world around me.

Later today, we will close out our evening by heading to downtown Athens for a little shopping, wine tasting, and then combine the two for wine shopping. It will be an excellent way to end my month and my 31-day journey of writing. Vino is a great way to end an evening.