My Journey

In Between Discipline and Legacy

This morning I woke up to walk to the waterfront and watch the sunrise. I had been planning to do it for almost a week and never prioritized it, even though it was one of the reasons I came to Greece this summer. I miss seeing a beautiful sunrise. It was still a struggle to get out of bed, wondering was it worth the effort and asking myself if I needed sleep more than a morning walk. Luckily, the wanderer in me won the argument. A few minutes later, I set off for Varkiza, only a 15-minute walk from where I am staying. 

I arrived about 5-minutes before the sun peaked over the hilltop across the bay. It was peaceful. There were only a couple of people out near me, and the town had not woken up yet. I took some videos and pictures and then stood there for a moment, taking in the ocean breeze, listening to the birds, and hearing the dog just beyond me peeing on the pavement. Who says life doesn’t have a sense of humor?

I stayed near that stop for a while and then proceeded down the pathway towards the beach. The first cove I came to had ten or more older people wading in the water, having their morning conversations like swimming was a cup of coffee. They all appeared to be locals, saying hi to each other as new people arrived. I continued down the path to the free beach at the end.

When I arrived, I could see a market being set up in the parking lot with fish, produce, and cheeses. There was even a mobile taverna serving breakfast and coffee. It was something to look forward to when I left the beach. 

Once I reached the sand, I was relieved. It was early, but it was still really hot out. I couldn’t wait to get in the water. I found an umbrella, set out my towel to claim my space, and jumped in the water. It was just what I needed. I swam out a bit and floated in the water. As I looked around me, I realized I was the youngest person at the beach. Maybe turning 40 has changed me already!  I spent 3 hours in the ocean and emerged a prune, completely wrinkled but so happy. I laid out to dry off for about an hour and then headed back to the market to pick up some groceries. 

On my way back, I stopped at the bakery we would go to when I was a kid. I grabbed the same penirili with bacon as I had all those years ago. It brought back memories of all the summers that had passed. 

I took the rest of the day off to recoup from the week and relax. It was worth it, but I should have bought an extra penirili… they are sooooo good.