My Journey

In Between Recovery and Preparation

My leg is still in a lot of pain, even with the meds the doctor gave me. It’s been hard to sleep in any position, and it’s starting to make me anxious. My friend is supposed to arrive this weekend, and I can’t be immobile, or I will ruin the weekend we had planned. I am still trying to wake up and do yoga, breathing, and meditation before I start working, but between the pain and the bats, I don’t find the mornings as peaceful anymore.

I started making a list of things I need to do to prepare for my guest, including washing sheets (by hand), dusting, mopping, grocery shopping, cleaning the bathroom, and more. It’s kind of funny the standards of living you can deal with on your own, but when you put on the set of glasses you think your guest will have, instantly everything isn’t good enough. I’m a bit nervous about having a guest at this point since I am hobbling around and unsure if I can get everything done in time. Can’t turn back now, though!

In general, I like hosting people and taking care of them so they can be relieved of stress and feel better about conquering the world. It’s always been in my nature to try and facilitate what others needed. It’s been a crux in the past. I’m much more in tune with the desire now and can tell between when it’s appreciated and when I am being taken advantage of. I like to cook food I know will hit the spot for someone, or massage their hand when I see they hold a lot of tension in. I invited my friends for this weekend because she needed a break and a few days with a change of scenery. It’s the same feeling I had when I came to Athens, so I know where she is coming from mentally. I hope she ends up with clarity and experiences some serenity while she’s here, but the bats may have another itinerary planned for us.