My Journey

In Between Sustainability and Recovery

Today I woke up without a particular inspiration. I didn’t sleep well due to my leg, so that may be part of the reason. It may also be the worry of so much work to do still this week.

I noticed a couple of weeks ago that my dreams are returning to a typical topic. From the time we went into lockdown, my dreams were an extension of my day; when I woke up, it felt like I had been working all night and never rested. Now, with some distance from my flat in London and some outdoor time in Greece, I am starting to dream of traveling and adventure again. I’m enjoying revisiting places and seeing people again, if even only in a dream. It gets me excited for the next time I can plan a trip without worrying about coronavirus.

It’s hard to believe we are almost at the end of the month. It’s like time went by twice as fast in the past few weeks. This morning, I realized that my apartment’s view has a different meaning to me now that I am sitting on my couch with my leg elevated. Maybe some questions are best left unanswered. I probably could have gone a lifetime without having answered the question about what the island that I saw in the distance was like, and now I have a story to tell and probably a few scars to remind me forever.

Amid my reminiscing about the week’s adventures, I hear the blaring sound of a leaf blower; it must be Wednesday. I am not sure why landscapers use such loud machines so early in the morning. Someone should invent a quieter machine to clear pathways.

I leave Athens a week from today. It’s a lot of work to leave an apartment you don’t know when you will be back. Similarly to when I arrive, I have to clean everything again, so there aren’t any issues by the time I return. I usually do the last load of laundry, so I don’t fly back with a suitcase full of dirty clothes. In London, I don’t have a washer or dryer, so it’s easier for me to hand wash and dry here. The heat helps the process go much faster. For the rest of the week, I’ll plan out my meals to reduce food waste. It’s not that big of a burden considering I was lucky enough to have a place to go to to get away from London for a while. I know when I get home, I will instantly want to come back, but for now, I am excited at the thought of sleeping in my own bed soon.