We lost track of time as we walked and talked about our lives. As we turned around, we could see the pier in the distance, the faint noise of the people amused by the games, rides, and no doubt high on the local delicacies. We would’ve continued walking, but the path had ended, and we didn’t want to go back, as if traveling a way we already took would reverse time and bring us back to a moment we didn’t want to relive. You wrapped your arms around me as you turned our backs to the hoards of people. We looked off into the distance, across the water, at a place we couldn’t see but could imagine. You squeezed and held me close, my ear against your chest. I could hear your heartbeat as you took a deep breath and exhaled. It calmed me. I felt at peace in that shared moment, trying to connect with your serenity and match your presence. You have a way of making me feel like we are a million miles away from all others. I could have stayed in that moment forever.