We stood at the top of the cliff, looking out to the south, along the channel. The morning fog rolled in, making it impossible to see the other side, or very far into the distance. As I was taking pictures, you snuck a kiss on my neck, and began walking down the pathway to another plateau below. You paused there for a while, and I felt a change in your energy; a calm came over you. I took a photo to remember the moment I felt you at ease, to see if later you recognized the same moment. There are few days we’re you don’t feel constrained by the world, I’m hoping your spirits are lifted today.

You took a seat in the grass, and crossed your legs, continuing to gaze into the distance, as if a film was playing against the fog that only you could see. I took another picture, watched for a moment, and then closed my eyes, hoping to see what you could see. I tried to still my thoughts and focus on the sounds of ocean, the birds flying nearby, and the wind on the grasses. With all my energy, I asked you a question without speaking a sound. I opened my eyes and you were looking back at me, and you smiled as if to answer my question. In that moment, I was happy.