I imagine we would have walked along the water, listening to the waves hit the shore. We wouldn’t need to speak, as we both would know what the other was feeling as our pulses calmed the longer we were near the water, listening to the stillness of the quiet town, and the beat from the tide. You would pick a spot to enter the sea, and I’d setup a chair with a blanket and book to keep me company. I’d look up and see you far in the distance by the white caps of your arm strokes and feet kicking just beneath the surface. You’d probably come out of the water and shake off in a playful way to sprinkle me with sea water as I squeal slightly, pretending I wasn’t prepared. I’d take the towel and wrap it around you to give you a good squeeze and admire the firmness of your body, and kiss your wet back quickly as if stealing a moment of intimacy in public…wishing more would follow…

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