The Fall

In Between Close and Diagnosis

I’m back in London, and it’s such a weird feeling. My house feels void of all the excitement from before I left for Greece. I realize now how mellow I became over the past month and how the serenity is quickly fading. Being in the city has an energy that feels so foreign to me now. It’s made me feel unbalanced again like I felt in June.

As I unpacked, I can tell that I wanted to bring as many things back from Greece to remind me of the enjoyment I felt while away. I have all the treats and ingredients so I can be reminded of the flavors and aromas. I bought some decorative items pleasing to the eye to further accentuate my travel altar at home. For whatever reason, they felt like the right thing to buy at the time.

I had to do a deep clean in leaving our apartment since I didn’t know when I would be back. Now, I am going through the motions again, since everything is covered in dust. Luckily, nothing went wrong with my place while I was away. My bed is so comfortable though that I kind of want to sleep for days. Unfortunately, I have to jump straight back into work. 

I’m making some room to set up a yoga mat and workout area in my spare room.  I enjoyed my morning sessions this Summer and want to make sure my progress continues.

I already started looking into day trips to take so I don’t waste my time in England. There are so many options. I wish I had a partner in crime to take the trips with me, though I’m excited to meet people along the way. I also started looking up dive centers so I can get my scuba certification going before another lockdown. As the weather changes, I need to keep myself active. I feel the winter here will be cold and lonely, considering the pandemic issues in London, as it appears that no one is wearing a mask.

My goal is to do one activity every weekend until there is a lockdown, and if that never happens, continue having one activity a week. By activity, I mean day trip, class, event, or see a new location in the city. I realize there is so much to do in London, and I want to see and experience it all.