As I reached the deck, I looked into the distance and saw you illuminated by the light, far from the boat, swimming hard against the current. My heart began racing and I worried you may be in trouble. I ran to get my fins on and jumped in the water, though I wasn’t sure I’d be of much help. Some part of me knew you weren’t in any danger, but there is always a risk. You saw me jump in and started swimming harder towards my direction as the current continued to push against you.

We met up at the tow line, both of us grabbing it to keep our position in the current. Hand over hand we slowly came together on the line. I was relieved to have you near. We caught our breath and relaxed, floating in the ocean and looking up at the stars, I felt your hand at my back, keeping me afloat as the water flowed past quickly. I welcomed the gesture as my skin tingled with anticipation.

The current continued to push us away from safety, so we moved farther up the line, closer to the boat. You put your hands on my waist and pulled me closer, then leaned in and kissed me quickly. I wrapped my arms around you as I pressed our bodies together. We kissed passionately as we bobbed with the water in the moonlight.