My Journey

In Between Duality and Barriers

After two posts, I’ve heard a lot of feedback and support for my journey. It feels like a lot of energy and love coming at me, though a little overwhelming at the same time. I’m enjoying reconnecting with people as I hear their reactions to what I’m writing, even though the topics we discuss are not always uplifting.

A reminder that what I am sharing is very raw, and I’m still working through most of it. All the stories I’m sharing are from my perspective and may not be an accurate representation of what occurred; time and memory have a way of playing with us. As I’m thinking back on my life and reading my journals, I remember things I had long forgotten. As I grew up, the amount of detail I wrote varied. What remained constant is the way people, places, and scenarios made me feel, which can be hard to write about in such a short format clearly. Please don’t read into, or take to heart, anything I’m writing. If I realize I might hurt someone, I won’t put it on a public forum. So apologies for anyone who is triggered by¬† what I am sharing.

I’m realizing more and more that my journey involves a lot of people. I have always been a social butterfly and have friends in many different places in the world. Each of them is reading and responding to my posts based on the configuration of me I chose to share with them while they were a close part of my life. It’s been enlightening to hear how my experiences were perceived from their perspectives, and in some cases, listen to their frustrations, which mirrored some of my own.

While I can feel myself kicking up dirt that has been settled for far too long, I have no regrets starting this project. I can feel myself growing the more I write and am excited to see where I end up. It’s incredible how we can end up being the barrier needing to be overcome to live the life we always wanted. Realizing and owning up to that has helped.