My Journey

In Between Surrender and Discipline

I had all the good intentions to make it out early and watch the sunrise, but I prioritized sleep over adventure. I think that this was the right choice for today. I will have to reassess tomorrow. 

My plan for the day is monotonous, with much of it sitting at a computer working as I hear the cicadas chirp. It’s been sweltering in Athens, and the beach is calling my name. The ocean is one thing I am missing in central London. I love hearing the water move and the waves hitting the sands. Nature has the most mesmerizing soundtrack. Sometimes I hate people because we drown out the beauty of the natural sounds.

I have been mentally out of it for a couple of days, probably the interpersonal struggle of my mind and body telling me to take an actual vacation and my determination telling me to press on. When I get to this point, I have to switch to a more structured and disciplined schedule to find my flow. It’s crazy when I get to this point because I never stop myself from hitting the wall and depleting my energy levels.

Some people or experiences that suck the energy from us are ones we can control, and others are put upon us. Regardless of the ingress, we should always be conscious and prepare for self-care in both scenarios. When we know we are about to embark on a difficult journey, plan time for yourself, for self-reflection, for quiet time. When we know we will be near people who drain us emotionally, plan time to step away, and take the time you need before reengaging with them or others until it’s right for you. When you need a break, take it, and don’t apologize. We aren’t robots.